Friday, December 10, 2010

My 2 cents about the fighting game scene - Never Ending discussion part1

This project comes as a response to a series of videos DarkGeese posted on his channel; the topic put forward being (the lack of) diversity in the western fighting scene community.

When one refers today to the fighting scene in Europe and USA speaks about street fighter 4 and how this game revived this "forgotten?" genre.As i might be in (a very small) part ok with this statement what really happened for the most part is that street fighter launched a(nother) succesfull title for western consumers and started a trend.99.9% when someone mentions tournaments or comments about the so called scene, speaks about street fighter 4.99.9 % of interviews and scene reports are about sf4.This is bulshit! and it s getting fucking annoying.Just for a second try to get out of this propaganda and think for 2 minutes... from all the titles available everybody plays only sf4?

And of course this propaganda and monopoly over other fighting games and communities have created an army of fanboys dissing and pissing left and right.Nobody cares about anything if it s not street fighter or capcom related.
Moving on... Another topic in the sf4 comunity is "BEATING JAPAN!" at sf4.This might be news but NOBODY CARES IN JAPAN FOR SF4 AS SOME OF YOU WANT TO BELIVE!, and not just that but the Japan fighting scene is diverse and all competitive games have their own dedicated players.. which time to time switch to other games (a very good example is Kyabetsu and Oogosho - KOF TEAM taking the sf4 SBO in 2009 ...and they are mainly kof players).

KOF, Guilty Gear, Blaz blue, Melty Blood, Arcana Heart...and the list goes on and other complex games develop skill and execution for 2d fighting games.For a player of these games comes very easy swithing to other games...for a sf4 player on the other hand is a hard transition.
Some people might arrgue that i have someting with sf players or with sf games...which i am sorry to dissapoint but it's not the case.I respect all players but right now a large group starting from promoters, tournament organizers, to players have crossed a line and it's totally ridiculous what they are suggesting and how aggressive they are.
While watching a mixed turney it s impossible not to hear some comentators or people in the chat room talking shit and dissing the other games."We are the best we are the scene" ... from my point of view you sirs are shit.This doesn't help at all the fighting scene, it just starts conflict and sooner or later sf4 will fade away like any trend and you will look like ridiculous clowns.The only thing that keeps this trend alive is mostly the advertising.
This game is not about the players, it s about fanboys and groupies.Wake up and make it about the players and don't let others cash in on your stupidity.
I don't want to start or be a part of a sf hating trend.After sf4 is gone the fighting scene will surely still exist.Sf4 is not a pillar it's just a brick.

This is just a bit of ranting and criticism hoping that at least some people will take it into consideration.
Respect the others and you will be respected!
Shutouts to all players standing up for their scene and being who they are!


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