Thursday, January 20, 2011


Recently there have been news regarding Masaaki Kukineo's departure from SNKP so it might influence/delay the console port for KOFXIII.Not only that but it seems that the new director wants to close down the game section and try to milk the old SNK titles and franchises for a quick buck.Here is my problem... SNK delivered some good and not so good titles but there was always an effort in bringing quality and something new esspecialy to the fighting genere.This assholes from playmore do shit and espect a profit from garbage ( notably KOF XII), compilations of old games or updated rereleases like the UM series.

I an growing tired of this fiasco!Kof 2002 um will soon have a Final version that making 3 reiterations of the same game! with very to little modifications mostly in damage and hitbox.This is bullshit!I always laughed when capcom was doing this shit with SF2 series but playmore..really do you think we are that stupid?SNK "educated" me as a consumer to ask for quality for my games.Not necesarly flashy graphics or other mombo jambo rehash of the same game.KOF series needs a new face over to be in line with the standards today and KOF XIII did from my point of view a great job with that...combining the old mechanics and adding new variety in the game ...but there is one big problem - it's only available in arcades and as we all know arcades are dead almost everywhere!
The last news we heard for the console port was last year when they announce it for the first Q of 2011..but after that no news or release day as of today(we deserve a console release ASAP after paying 60$ for a goddamn demo)! I was thinking that playmore are a bit confused because MVC3 and Mortal Kombat 9 are also games to be released in the 1st Q and because of the failed KOF XII the consumer will not pay full price for XIII ...which for the most part is true and i can understand this delay but playmore (i refuse from now on to ad SNK in front of you because you have demonstrated you are just a leech and not a succesor) is it that hard to announce a release date? oh wait...i don't think you have a publisher! who the hell will publish another kof game after XII!!! and most certainly not you because you don't have the money!! Personally i am thinking to bootleg 13 if a console port is not announced soon (which i doubt it will) and i advise everyone to stop supporting this leech and buy their games from now on from resellers or used copies.Boycott playmore if you don't want to buy the same games over and over again!


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