Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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    Finally got some time to express some quick thoughts on the art books i got not so long ago

Darkstalkers Tribute

          One of the best artbooks i saw in a long time! The main reason i say this is because almost 99% of the art found in the book is made by fans (for fans).Udon ran a contest and the best works ended up in a great volume - totally 2000 entries were submitted :)
A lot of fans, from professional animators to independent artists from all over the world shaped a perfect darkstalker universe in the most diverse and sometimes just wacky stiles of painting/drawing even sculpture.The book is very colorfull, diverse and many times i just couldn't flip the page because of some very detailed artwork that got me hypnotized or made me laugh so hard i almost cried :))
It's been almost 16 years since the debut of the series and the game still has a strong fan base ...too bad that the games are not so much played .. or at least not in europe or usa.I am very curious to see a rebirth of this series thoe i can't complain about their graphics or gameplay which stand out very well even for today's standars.
           All in all the book is great even if this is the first contact you have with the series, the only downpoint is that it comes with softcovers - but i heard that it was also released hardcover but in very limited quantities(what the hell?).All my artbooks are hardcover how they should be to protect the pages - i have no idea why they released it like this especially because it was suppose to be a 15 years anniversary of the series! - yeah i know i am a bit picky :)
           If i would have to rate it i would give it a +9 (-1 for the softcovers) stars out of 10.You can still find it on amazon at a decent price and i am sure you will be more than happy to have it in your collection.
I don't have a good camera to take pictures of it or to make a small video but you can find a nice presentation  here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDmzocMy5m0

           I hope to post something soon about The King of Fighters Perfect Art Collection and maybe find a camera :)


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