Thursday, June 16, 2011

The King of Fighters XIII dumped!

A few days ago some friend told me the game got dumped but i wasn't able to test it because my good computer  is still in repairs.Some see it as a bad situation for Playmore...personally i see it as a good thing as i said a few posts ago.This means Playmore has some good pressure to deliver a good online (i care so much about this because this is the only way i can enjoy it, locally i have no one to play because of SSF4), and also i can jump right in the game when the console port comes out because i have plenty of time to practice on the hack.If the online is the same unplayable thing as in XII i will play the hack and buy the game used when is dirt cheap just not to support Playmore.Atlus hope you are listening.For those interested in the dump do a search on


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