Wednesday, June 8, 2011

KOF XIII and things to come

As you all know by now yesterday KOF XIII was listed on amazon and later on we had confirmation from both Atlus and Playmore that finally the game is being ported.While we still have almost 5..maybe 6 months to wait this is great news and the end of people going crazy and rumors flying left and right about KOF XIII not being ported and so on.The most important thing announced about the game is that it will have improved online which is a must in expanding the life of a game these days.I don't care that much about new teams and such but a good online because personally i don't have anyone here that i can play at a decent level ... so the only option i have to improve and have fun with this game is online.I hope Atlus listens and will not disappoint  us with this aspect.If they cannot provide a good online they should at least go with ggpo netcode which is decent and 100% better that the online we had for XII.I am sure that a lot of people are willing to wait for reviews about the online before buying the game - if the online will suck a lot of them will wait for a price drop or buy it used.And keep in mind that most of the profits come from the casual gamers, gamers which listen to reviewers and put a very high price for the online.The game looks beautiful and has a lot of potential in sales but if not marketed right and delivering a poor online this will be another XII but this time at least playable, complete move sets and not a demo.I strongly hope Atlus and Playmore will market this game as it should and give us the rebirth we had been waiting for...for so long.



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