Friday, January 28, 2011

Bored you all know no news or anything about KOF XIII ..except that it's not gonna be at EVO this year.SOoooo with that out of the way i decided to just give up waiting for any news and/or scatter the internets for it.Fuck KOF XIII and fuck Playmore for now... oh yes...and fuck all your rehashes of 98 and 2002 sirs..I still don't know how they convinced Konami (i think) to publish those Final Versions ... i guess begging or something but one thing it's for sure - they will fail miserably! It's the same UM games!Just a little bit of hitbox and dammage modifications! Why do they do this is beyond my understanding.That being said i will end this rants here...

In other news.. i got a new book from amazon - nothing new but i found out recently about this artbook for a game that gets lots of praise recently on a lot of forums - even asking Capcom for a new sequel ... a game that works great in ggpo!... but nobody plays it for some strange reason

Darkstalkers (aka Vampire Saviour) Tribute - (and they say snk players are capcom haters! ...pfff)

I will try to get some pictures or video tomorrow and post some toughts.

...and a book i wanted for so long, a piece of KOF history - The King Of Fighters Perfect Art Collection (featuring artwork, sketches from kof 94 to 97) but unfortunately i had to order it for Italy because the seller would not send it to Romania for some strange reason ... so in maybe a week it will get here and post my opinions about that too.


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