Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Blog Post

A few days ago i finally received the Gamest MOOK VOL 117 (aka The King Of Fighters Perfect Art Collection) and it's exactly what i expected with great paper quality and great artwork and drafts from the creators (including some stages from 94 to 97).There is also some text including some history of the KOF series, teams and a interview (i think) but all the text is in japanese :(. Tomorrow for sure i will post my opinions about it and also the DarkStalkers Tribute artwork book from Udon.Again no news from playmore about any release date for KOF XIII and little by little it seems the arcade operators are taking the game out from the cabinets making room for the new Tekken and BlazBlue games.According to the professor at mmcafe forums you can get the game for about 1600 $ used from resellers.In other words the future of KOF seems more darker day by day...

Some weeks ago i decided to give SSF4 a chance and tried the game out for the first time and it's not so bad with Viper and Rufus.Because i am used to rushdown style these characters fit me nice- also it feels like they were taken from an SNK game :)) and have good combos and mixups :).Online with Europe works great with minimal to no lag on the PS3 - the only thing that annoys me (besides playing a lot of ryu and ken players) is the excessive turtling and randomness in game play with a lot of players online but time to time i find good players which you can have fun not just footsies and "Track and Field"(aka running after your opponent like crazy ).I've been fooling around with BlazeBlue a bit trying to learn Arakune but it seems it might take a while until i can play him at least medium level.And soon i might pick up MVC 3 ... so far it had good reviews and online play seems to be more than decent.Little by little i started to move away from the old kof titles but not because they are inferior in gameplay to today's games but i need a break from them and untill XIII is released i'll probably spend most of my play time with MVC 3 and/or BB II when it hits the consoles....playmore - is it that hard to open your mouth and say something about the console port? least "It's in the works" or something!
Tune in the next days for the review of the 2 artbooks :)


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