Monday, May 2, 2011

The King Of Fighters - Perfect Art Collection (very quick look)


              I got this a while ago but i was too lazy to actual write a review for it but today i'll take some time to talk a little about it.
              This mook is actually a history of the KOF series from 94 to 97 and for the most part it features character artwork/bio/history, concept art, intros and stages from the games along with an interview with someone at SNK and history for the teams (i think).There are quite a few pages of text but 99.9% of it is in Japanese.It's very interesting to get a look at the creating process and sketches especially because the creators gave a lot of personality to each character and it's funny to see how Billy Kane is a Sex Pistols fan and Kyo is actually wearing Dr Martens :).
For the most part the original designers had some punk influences when designing the clothes and characters and i think all the characters(yes even Daimon!) are wearing Dr Martens or have at least one pair in their wardrobe :))  .

           The book and pages are good quality and the overall size is pretty big .
           If you enjoy looking through sketches or you are just a kof collector this is a must buy also because it's fairly cheap and it's always nice to have a part of KOF history in your collection.You can also find this mook fairly easy scanned in .cbr form on google.I tried to film a quick look at the book but my filming skills suck ass and also i do not have a stand so..... just to get an idea about how the book actually looks like


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