Thursday, June 16, 2011

The King of Fighters XIII dumped!

A few days ago some friend told me the game got dumped but i wasn't able to test it because my good computer  is still in repairs.Some see it as a bad situation for Playmore...personally i see it as a good thing as i said a few posts ago.This means Playmore has some good pressure to deliver a good online (i care so much about this because this is the only way i can enjoy it, locally i have no one to play because of SSF4), and also i can jump right in the game when the console port comes out because i have plenty of time to practice on the hack.If the online is the same unplayable thing as in XII i will play the hack and buy the game used when is dirt cheap just not to support Playmore.Atlus hope you are listening.For those interested in the dump do a search on

Friday, June 10, 2011

The early death of KOF XIII ?

Gamespot has a small report about the early built of KOFX III they played at E3 and things aren't looking pretty.It seems that the online will be based on the post-patched version of KOF XII netcode.If that's really the case and Playmore will use the exact netcode this game is gonna be the last nail in the coffin for XIII.Personally i won't be preordering the game anymore and will wait for reviews about the online.I hope Atlus keeps an eye on things or i will be buying this game used for 20 $.

ps: Is it that hard to just use ggpo netcode Playmore?

You can read the Gamespot report here

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

KOF XIII and things to come

As you all know by now yesterday KOF XIII was listed on amazon and later on we had confirmation from both Atlus and Playmore that finally the game is being ported.While we still have almost 5..maybe 6 months to wait this is great news and the end of people going crazy and rumors flying left and right about KOF XIII not being ported and so on.The most important thing announced about the game is that it will have improved online which is a must in expanding the life of a game these days.I don't care that much about new teams and such but a good online because personally i don't have anyone here that i can play at a decent level ... so the only option i have to improve and have fun with this game is online.I hope Atlus listens and will not disappoint  us with this aspect.If they cannot provide a good online they should at least go with ggpo netcode which is decent and 100% better that the online we had for XII.I am sure that a lot of people are willing to wait for reviews about the online before buying the game - if the online will suck a lot of them will wait for a price drop or buy it used.And keep in mind that most of the profits come from the casual gamers, gamers which listen to reviewers and put a very high price for the online.The game looks beautiful and has a lot of potential in sales but if not marketed right and delivering a poor online this will be another XII but this time at least playable, complete move sets and not a demo.I strongly hope Atlus and Playmore will market this game as it should and give us the rebirth we had been waiting for...for so long.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

KOF XIII hitting the ps3!!!!!

Just a quick news update and great news to many - KOF XIII is FINNALY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like i assumed atlus will be the publisher.For now it seems it will be released only for the ps3.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KOF-UK: Mystery of "..." books

      You might wanna take a look at some SNK related books kof-uk has posted on his blog.While they are mostly text (Japanese of course) there are still some nice and funny illustrations to be seen, also the theme of the books - "Mystery of ... " makes me wanna start learning japanese as they seem to be expanding the history and story of the games :) If someone has more info about these books and their character feel free to comment

                    Coming up a bit later is my thoughts on the Arcade Mania book i got recently

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog Post


                While i made this blog to promote some way or another the KOF series lately i pretty much took a break from playing the older titles and XII only left me with a bad taste in my mouth - great looking game but it feels so much as a beta - also i play other fighting games and time to time i will give my opinions on newer titles or games you might want to try out.Next up (while we wait for the KOF XIII announcement for consoles) i will post my impressions on the newer fighting games that came this year for the PS3 and about their guides (MVC3 and MK9) and a presentation of one of my favorite artbook :) Akira Club.In a few weeks (i think) i will receive an interesting book which i kept on forgetting to buy - Arcade Mania: The Turbo Charged World of Japan's Game Centers (written by Brian Ashcraft and Jean Snow) and i will make a short presentation and video of that too - the book mainly focuses on different arcade genres from crane games to shmps or how i like to call them maniac shooters :)) to fighting games in Japanese arcades - history and interviews from top players... from the reviews i saw so far it looks like an interesting read.Also I added a contact e-mail and if you have any KOF, SNK or other interesting stuff/news/tips regarding fighting games or even smups you would like to share feel free to drop a line@ kblacknoah-at-yahoo-dot-com. Take care

later edit: Arcade Mania just dropped in my mail (strange....usually books from amazon take 2-3 weeks to get here) so i guess this is the next review i'll be posting really soon :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

The King Of Fighters - Perfect Art Collection (very quick look)


              I got this a while ago but i was too lazy to actual write a review for it but today i'll take some time to talk a little about it.
              This mook is actually a history of the KOF series from 94 to 97 and for the most part it features character artwork/bio/history, concept art, intros and stages from the games along with an interview with someone at SNK and history for the teams (i think).There are quite a few pages of text but 99.9% of it is in Japanese.It's very interesting to get a look at the creating process and sketches especially because the creators gave a lot of personality to each character and it's funny to see how Billy Kane is a Sex Pistols fan and Kyo is actually wearing Dr Martens :).
For the most part the original designers had some punk influences when designing the clothes and characters and i think all the characters(yes even Daimon!) are wearing Dr Martens or have at least one pair in their wardrobe :))  .

           The book and pages are good quality and the overall size is pretty big .
           If you enjoy looking through sketches or you are just a kof collector this is a must buy also because it's fairly cheap and it's always nice to have a part of KOF history in your collection.You can also find this mook fairly easy scanned in .cbr form on google.I tried to film a quick look at the book but my filming skills suck ass and also i do not have a stand so..... just to get an idea about how the book actually looks like

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